Tips for starting a blog

One of my most frequently asked questions is if I have any advice on starting a blog, so here are my answers on how to go about diving into this world of blogging. 


-Don't let the little things get int eh way of your momentum, No shame in a template. If you don't have design experience and you don't have the cash to throw at a custom design of your dreams, just find a blog theme you like and go from there.

-Less is more. I have done a lot of blog design over the past few years, some very busy, over design or far too colourful and I always love the simple designs the most. 

(You can find lots of nice looking themes here.)


-Decide what your blog is about. Start by creating categories & writing down some post ideas. If you spread yourself too thin it will be difficult to stay focused and find inspiration. They don't have to be topics that necessarily go together like PB&J. But if you decide that you post about dessert recipes & marriage advice, then you know that every week you need a new idea for those two topics. Rather than wondering what in the world you will post about next. 

-Always post with photos with your posts (because otherwise it's snoooozeeeeeee). iPhone photos are fine, start somewhere. Don't let not having an amazing camera or being the best photographer keep you from starting. 

-Quality over Quantity. Posting regularly is important, when you start at least once or twice a week, but have standards for yourself. Don't post just for the sake of posting. Feel proud about what you are putting out there. 

-Launch your blog with content, how do people know if they want to follow along when all you have to show them is a logo and about page. Get 3 or more posts up and then start sharing it with your readers. 

(Do I look upset here... I'm swear I'm not! I have what some would call "resting bitch face". I'm a friendly person but I actually have to exercise my smile muscles before I walk through the grocery store so I don't look like a... well.. bitch.) 


-Get connected with other bloggers, instagrammers, brands, whoever it is that you feel that connection with online. Comment often, but be genuine. 

-Don't compete. Don't compare. Someone else's content or success has absolutely nothing to do with yours. If someone likes following blogs about Dessert Recipes & Marriage Advice odds are they are going to follow multiple blogs on that topic, so don't get too caught up in what other people are doing. It's really only going to make you feel worse and lose creativity. 


Threads :: Sandal Mornings

One of our favourite things to do on the weekends is grab tea go to the beach so that we can sit and relax while Poppy can play. The weather has been beautiful lately, shorts & sandals almost everyday (although I wear sandals through rain & snow, so that’s not saying much).

The latest addition to my sandal collection are these UGG Kari Sandals. They are super comfy slip on sandals with lots of cushion & support. I remember my mom saying that you come to an age where you give up on uncomfortable shoes and I think I’ve come to that age, When I find good looking comfortable shoes I live in them. The more you wear these sandals the comfier they get as they mold to your feet.

Outfit Details: 
Tee - Camp Brand Goods
Hat - Gigi Pip
Poppy's Tee - Arq 

Stay Gold

As we approach the one year anniversary we are so thrilled & thankful that Good Husbands Apparel approached us about creating a shirt to honour our Goldie and raise money for the BC Women's NICU. 

Our time with Goldie in the NICU was of course a very memorable experience. It was our only shared home with Goldie, and for that reason it will forever hold a very special place in our hearts. We will be eternally grateful to the Doctors & Nurses that cared for Goldie and for us. All of them such compassionate & selfless people we felt complete trust having our daughter in their hands. I couldn't believe the care that we had access to when we so desperately needed it, we are so blessed to have a place like the BC Women's NICU. 

You can purchase the shirts here; MensLadies, Kids, 100% of the net profits will go to the BC Women's NICU. Please be sure to hashtag #goldiebloom on Instagram so that we can see them. Thank you in advance to everyone who is supporting, we appreciate from the bottom of our hearts! 

Thank you so much Elissa Crowe for taking these photos! 

Weekend Away

As I talked about in my last post we headed to Kelowna this past weekend for a friends wedding. It's a beautiful lake town 4 hours East from us where David grew up. We try to visit Kelowna a couple times a year to relax, enjoy the warmth and the scenic drive up there. 

Thanks to Ford Canada we used a Ford Egde for the week to take on our trip and we seriously fell in love. We had lots of fun testing out the new features & driving assists (if you manage to hit anything in that car you have a talent). Now when were in our own car we keep saying "We have to adjust to the speed limit ourselves?" "The trunk doesn't close by itself?"  Can we keep it?? ;) 

That is definitely the mouth of some sort of negotiation from a two year old. 

Our friends had such a sweet wedding with a ceremony in woods (including Chicago Mix popcorn, I had never tried this before, AMAZING! Now I'm hooked, Thanks Matt & Georgia...). 

Walking the docks with my sweet friend Elissa. Elissa is one of the most generous souls you'll meet, she takes a lot of photos for me and is such an awesome "Aunty" to Poppy (& Sid). 

I had lots of questions on Instagram about these outfit details so I have included the links below.