Nature's Fare White Rock

I'm excited to be teaming up with Nature's Fare on the opening of their new White Rock location. I have lived in the White Rock area my entire life and I love this town for it's beaches, thrift shops, forests, and people. Nature's Fare is now opening right in the heart of White Rock within walking distance to a handful of my favourite shops. 

We popped by the other day to check the store out and of course try one of their smoothies, which I had heard many good things about, and it did not disappoint! It is a beautiful store inside, a great to-go area and we loved shopping around the store knowing the standard that the products on their shelves are held to. They carry local, organic, natural and non-GMO products in all categories. 

Poppy seemed to find some things that reached her product standards too ;) 

Come on out this Saturday, June 25th for the Grand Opening!

The entire store is 15% off and there will be a bbq, samples, music and prizes all day. They will also be running a contest to giveaway $100 in Groceries. 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM - 15180 North Bluff Rd. 

Oh My Darling Printable

I've been changing up Poppy's room a little bit these days. She is over two now and I decorated it when I was pregnant with her, for me to leave a room relatively the same for that long is a bit or a miracle. Today I played around with artwork and made a nursery/kids room printable to share. 

You can have Black & White Engineer Prints done at Staples for around $5 they print 18 X 20 or 24 X 26, this PDF will work for either size, Click the link below to download and be sure to share with me on Instagram if you put it up in a room! 

Oh My Darling PDF

Spring Home Series :: DIY Farmhouse Wood Countertops

This spring we are collaborated with The Home Depot and tackled the project of making over our little cabin style kitchen. The first DIY I shared with how we made over our cabinets simple & very affordable, next up the wood countertops. We had bright mint green plastic counters before, I did them myself when we first moved in and grew to absolutely despise them over the years. When it was finally time to update I knew I wanted to go with a rustic farmhouse feel; something practical that would wear well over the years and nothing too modern for our old house. 

I am thrilled with how they turned out. It was another relatively simple & affordable project that we were sort of making up as we went. Some were skeptical that this would work but it definitely did! 



  • Plywood
  • 1 inch Pine Planks. Pick your width depending on the depth of your countertops, the depth of our counters equalled 2 - 1X10's and 1 - 1X8 Deep. *When picking your lumber be very picky, anything warped will not work and avoid natural knots. 
  • 1X2 Pine (for overhang edge)
  • 1 Inch wood screws
  • PL Construction Adhesive
  • Wood Conditioner
  • Wood Stain
  • Wood Finish
  • Sandpaper

Step 1: We removed the old countertop and measured the surface area. 

Step 2: Cut and Install Plywood to perfectly fit the cabinet frame leaving no overhang.  The Plywood is the base layer to the counters, what you will be attaching the planks to. Use 1 inch screws to attach the plywood to the frame of the cabinets. 

Step 3: Trace & Cut the sink outline (and faucet holes if needed) into the plywood using a jigsaw  (leaving the appropriate amount inside of the outline traced for the lip of the sink to rest on the counter). *This is for an overmount sink only, undermount sinks would require a much more precise cut out. We found a vintage Kohler Cast Iron Sink on Craigslist for $10, and man is that thing HEAVY! 

Step 4: Cut and glue 1X8 planks to the plywood using PL Construction Adhesive. Be sure to measure in an overhang with your planks, we left 1 extra inch, you do not want your drawers sticking out further than your counters.

Step 5: Once the PL has dried, using the sink cutout in the plywood as a guide, cut out the outline for the sink into the top planks. *Once again, for an overmount sink only. 

Step 6: Sand the surface. We went over it with a heavy duty floor sander to get rid of any rounded edges between the planks revealing cracks. Then finished it off by hand with a fine grit sandpaper.

Step 7:  Add the Edge. The Edge makes the counters look thicker and finishes the overhang so that you do not see the plywood layer. I regret not taking photos during this step but we were working with glue so it was very hands on, I will explain the best I can. This is the edge I am talking about: 

At first I was dead set against doing this because I really didn't want the look of the seam, but as we went through all of our options for the counters this was the best way to do it and once I saw it the seam didn't bother me one bit. 

  • Cut 1X2 to the length of all exposed sides of the countertop. Apply a thin strip of PL Construction Adhesive to the top - 1 inch side, so that the 2 inch side is what you see, this will make your countertops look 3 inches thick.
  • Put them in place under the overhang of the counters and secure with clamps. Make sure to reposition if any shifting happens while clamping so that the front of the counter is flush with the edge. Let dry with clamps overnight.

Step 8: Stain. Starting with a wood conditioner followed by your stain. We applied one coat of Miniwax Early American. I wanted them to be a very neutral brown, not too dark. So when I liked the way they look with one coat I decided to leave at that. Definitely do a test board before committing to a stain on your counters. 

Step 9: Finish with multiple coats of Wood Finish (I did 5 coats). We used Varathane Diamond Wood Finish and we are really happy with the outcome. It doesn't yellow the way a polyurethane does when it dries, and it is completely water resistant. I was a bit nervous at first to let water sit on the counters but we have been using them for a couple months now and I aways let my dishes dry on them and it has never left a mark! 

I didn't plan to use these countertops for preparing food, we use a butchers block for preparing. If you want to use your coutnertops as butcher block itself I would recommend researching to make your finishing technique is completely food safe. 

Ta Da, not even 10 steps for these beautiful, practical, and affordable counters. You can see more of our home projects in the hashtag #menziehomefrenzie. If you tackle this DIY please be sure to share with us! 

Tips for starting a blog

One of my most frequently asked questions is if I have any advice on starting a blog, so here are my answers on how to go about diving into this world of blogging. 


-Don't let the little things get int eh way of your momentum, No shame in a template. If you don't have design experience and you don't have the cash to throw at a custom design of your dreams, just find a blog theme you like and go from there.

-Less is more. I have done a lot of blog design over the past few years, some very busy, over design or far too colourful and I always love the simple designs the most. 

(You can find lots of nice looking themes here.)


-Decide what your blog is about. Start by creating categories & writing down some post ideas. If you spread yourself too thin it will be difficult to stay focused and find inspiration. They don't have to be topics that necessarily go together like PB&J. But if you decide that you post about dessert recipes & marriage advice, then you know that every week you need a new idea for those two topics. Rather than wondering what in the world you will post about next. 

-Always post with photos with your posts (because otherwise it's snoooozeeeeeee). iPhone photos are fine, start somewhere. Don't let not having an amazing camera or being the best photographer keep you from starting. 

-Quality over Quantity. Posting regularly is important, when you start at least once or twice a week, but have standards for yourself. Don't post just for the sake of posting. Feel proud about what you are putting out there. 

-Launch your blog with content, how do people know if they want to follow along when all you have to show them is a logo and about page. Get 3 or more posts up and then start sharing it with your readers. 

(Do I look upset here... I'm swear I'm not! I have what some would call "resting bitch face". I'm a friendly person but I actually have to exercise my smile muscles before I walk through the grocery store so I don't look like a... well.. bitch.) 


-Get connected with other bloggers, instagrammers, brands, whoever it is that you feel that connection with online. Comment often, but be genuine. 

-Don't compete. Don't compare. Someone else's content or success has absolutely nothing to do with yours. If someone likes following blogs about Dessert Recipes & Marriage Advice odds are they are going to follow multiple blogs on that topic, so don't get too caught up in what other people are doing. It's really only going to make you feel worse and lose creativity.