Poppy These Days


Poppy lately is a fiery two and a half year old, bursting with opinions, personality, cuteness, and testing all the boundaries - learning what exactly she can get away with (not very much). I have really embraced and enjoyed this past year with my oldest babe. A year I didn't know we would have as just us but I very intentionally took advantage of this time with my little buddy. You know in The Holiday when Cameron Diaz talks about her childhood and how and her parents called themselves The Three Amigos? That's kind of what it felt like. It felt like we went through something all together. She left the baby stage and became more of a "kid" which has been fun. We all go for happy hour together on the regular, we sit and chat with her while she shovels in handfuls of ketchup. It's the best. Of course we have a lot of very challenging days, she's 2. But we have fun. 

1. She asks everyday to watch "Blue Show" (Inside out), "Yellow Show" (Despicable Me 2) or "Basket Show" (Home). And completely melts down every time I say no. 

2. She get's a mini marshmallow every time she goes on the Potty, which is all the time now that she's not wearing diapers. When will she stop asking for them? haha. And when we are out she is completely comfortable dropping her undies where ever we are and squatting. 

3. She is really shy. It drives me crazy, but I was too. 

4. She wears a backpack allll the time. Sleeps with it on. It's already like having a 16 year old having to do backpack checks before bed every night, it's surprising the things she's stashing in there. 

5. Regularly opens the back door just to yell to Sid "Go Away!", She's a real jerk. 

6. She's still under 25 lbs. Been wearing the same denim jacket since 4 months old. 

7. Obsessed with "Girl Singing". Always grabbing her guitar strumming and singing "I don't know my nammmme". 

8. Only goes to Sunday School for the fishy crackers. And always saves a real stinker of a poop for story time, that's when my number gets displayed on the screen to come get her...  

9. Anytime I tell her not to do something

10. Still thinks Candy is spicy. Maybe because the only thing I let her try was a Hot Tamale. Muahah. I just want to eat my 5 cent candies in peace okay. 

Thank you so much to my lovely photographer friend Elissa Crowe for these photos. She is so great at capturing candid natural moments, I don't even remember her taking these photos while we were in the backyard with friends. 

Threads :: Summer Uniform

My summer style consists of basically tanks, shorts and hats everyday. We live in Canada so some hot days you can totally get away with it and other days I get a lot of “Well, don't you look summery!”. Yes I do, because in my head I live in Hawaii, okay.

The most recent addition to my wardrobe is my CLUSE watch, I love it! I always have to have something on my arms and it is usually a couple gold bangles, but now that I have this La Boheme Mesh Gold Band it has completely taken their place, oh and it tells time... That’s convenient! CLUSE has tons of beautiful, minimal styles & colour combos.

I found this sunhat at a thrift store last summer while hunting for a perfect straw hat, but it was a little cowboy-esc (like a lot of the hats I find thrifting). When I got home I filled the sink with water and soaked the brim, I formed it to arc downward instead of upward and now it’s one of my favourites.

Why Are You Cast Down, O My Soul?

  Last summer when Goldie was born we saw God use the blog for his glory in so many ways, we received emails everyday of amazing stories of praise to Him and I felt in that time like why would I ever share anything not completely glorifying Him, posts that would lead someone to feel anything but encouraged about themselves. Leave them wanting something they don't need or comparing themselves to others. But as the months passed I grew more and more okay with it. Even the years before all of that this place used to be my journal, to share the aches of my heart, the verses that were speaking to me, the way God's been moving, and to connect with people. I really miss that. I've felt distracted by the business of it, the formula of it, and lost sight of what I love about it. I will always love and share about fashion, home decor, and all those fun things, but they aren't what is at the core of me. They don't satisfy any piece of me and I don't want anyone to think otherwise. 

For the past few months social media has been sitting uncomfortably with me. The burden of it and my convictions about it were laying so heavily on me that I was ready to call it quits. We took time to pray & fast over the decision and our time ended with an encouraging push to stick with it. I carried on working on posts and taking more steps in this business that is so deeply intertwined with my personal life. 

The point of this is not to complain or bite the hand that feeds me, but just to be honest about how I feel because I know I'm not the only that struggles with these things. As I once again came home last night, sat at the kitchen island and talked to David with tears in my eyes about how I can't handle it. I can't take trying to make my life look pretty and sell people on it anymore, and once again he encouraged me, he didn't think it was time to walk away yet and something in me agreed. Reminded me that the beauty of this job is that there aren't rules. No one set the standards in front of me that I hold myself to daily.

This morning when I woke up to do my devotions I read Psalm 42. Which is the Psalm that this song is about and each lyric couldn't have rung more true to my feelings right now. 

Thank you for listening to me word-vomit all my thoughts, I suspect I'm not the only one sick of holding themselves to a silly standard. The time has come to let myself off the hook, to find the balance again of putting what really matters to me into this blog amongst the fashion and lifestyle posts and feel good enough again. I'm so sick of setting unrealistic standards for myself and I don't want to do that to anyone else either. So, back to honesty & real life and please can we delete #goals from our vocabulary! 

Sunny Summer Drive with IRIS

We are finally having some warm summer days over here in the Northwest corner of the world. The heat is something you will never hear me complaining about, I love to spend the majority of our time outside and one of my favourite things on sunny days is a pretty evening drive. Out where we live there are lots of quiet pretty back roads to explore. 

I've teamed up with IRIS to share some of my favourite glasses & sunglasses with you over the year and my latest favourites are these Maui Jims Coco Palms in Tokyo Tortoise. Every time I go sunglass shopping someone is always raving about Maui Jims telling me "You just have to try them!" and now I get it. They are so nice to wear, everything looks great through the colour of the lenses, they really protect your eyes - scratch resistant, polarized, wipes out 99.9% of glare, and blocks 100% of harmful UV. They are definitely my new go to pair. 

Yes, our dog Sid is larger than all of us. 

"Mumma, let go of the leash, I'm strong!" (Her overalls got stripped off after a little roadside potty break).