Snowy Mountain

We got some snow here in Vancouver this week, which feels really strange. We've had such a warm & wet fall and early winter that I would not have expected it to drop down to freezing, but it's been sitting around 0 all week and we're supposed to get more snow for the weekend, so fun! Not so fun is that no one here (including me) knows how to drive in the snow so it turns to complete chaos. 

Poppy calls all snow "snowy mountain" because we went to Lake Louise a couple weeks ago and that was her first memorable experience with snow and it was in the mountains. Even though our house is SO cold with this weather, I'll take it because the bright white yard and the sunshine is such a nice change from the dark grey down pouring rain we've had allllll fall. Seriously, in all of October & November there were 3 days without rain. THREE. Needless to say, don't expect to see us around these parts next year. 


Our dog Sid goes crazy in the snow. He runs around like a little puppy rubbing his face in it and prancing all around the yard. 

Toque: Boheme Goods
Jacket: Vintage
Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Our Travelling Tips

David and I have travelled a decent amount in our five years of marriage thanks to his touring lifestyle, but not a lot of trips are purely for a vacation together. This summer we decided we were craving a little visit to California so we figured we would wait until the weather got bad at home and then make our escape to the warmer weather. We have teamed up with American Express to share some travelling tips that we’ve learned along the way and the first is how we save for our trips.

1. Saving for our trips
Over the summer we’d been saving up our American Express Membership Rewards points and come fall, booked our flights. The new Fixed Points Travel Program from Amex is so easy and reliable to book flights with - there’s no extra hidden fees or limitations like blackout dates or odd flight times. But their awesome points system isn’t limited to flights. You can use your Membership Rewards points for any part of your travel; flights, hotels, and car rentals. A great start for saving points for our trip was earning 25,000 Membership Rewards points as a welcome bonus when we spent $1,500 in the first 3 months of Card membership with the Gold Rewards Card. After that, you earn 2 points for every dollar spent on eligible travel and everyday purchases (gas stations, grocery stores and drug stores) and 1 point for every dollar spent for everything else.

2. Planning our days
To make it possible for us we made this a short 4 day trip, so to make the most of it we planned out what we wanted to do beforehand. We’ve done trips when we don’t know what restaurants to eat at or areas to check out and it feels like there’s a lot of walking aimlessly, getting really hungry and settling for the closest option. But we have quickly learned the art of making sure we know what we are going to do before we leave. Especially being a family now and having a toddler around, we need to know where we’re going ahead of time to ensure everything goes smoothly. It’s also important for us to ensure that we are getting the best bang for our buck! That’s why we charge everything to our American Express Gold Rewards Card so we can earn points on every dollar we spend and use them towards our next family trip.

3. How to plan
Get on Pinterest, ask around on social media, and check travels blogs for suggestions (My favourite - Local Wanderer ). Each place that I’m interested in visiting I check how far it is from where we’re staying and, if it’s doable, I look up the location’s Instagram tags to get a realistic feel of what it looks like, what kind of people are there etc. This usually gives me a good sense of if it’s somewhere I think we’ll like. I then group together the destinations by location so we can spend a day or afternoon exploring one area and hit all our must-see spots!

Exploring is high on the priority list for us, but when you have one toddler in tow and another in your belly, certain aspects of your exploration needs to be carefully planned. Whether we’re booking our flights through the Fixed Points Travel Program or earning mega points charging travel expenses to our Gold Rewards Card, American Express proves itself as the perfect travel companion, making travelling with our little one(s) a breeze. Start planning your next family trip here.

This post is sponsored by American Express, but all views and opinions are our own.

Artifact Uprising Christmas Cards

I cannot believe that the Christmas season is here, does time even exist anymore? We headed out last week with our good friend & photographer Elissa Crowe to take some family photos to order our Christmas cards from Artifact Uprising. If you haven't visited Artifact Uprising before, get ready to fall in love. They create products of all kinds with your photos, I've ordered many things from them in the past for our own keepsakes and for Christmas gifts.  

We had our images printed on the Merry Christmas Card with Foil. You can choose between gold, copper, and silver, we went with copper. The cards turned out beautiful and have a blank back with space to write a personal message. One of my favourite pre Christmas activities and writing and sending cards! 

Um, how old does that almost 3 year old look! 

Family Photography: Elissa Crowe Photography located in the Vancouver area.

The maxi dress is no longer sold, but the same brand created a mini version (linked above). 

Blix Bike

This Summer I started riding a Blix Electric Bike and I'm so in love with it. We live in an area with lots of hills so I would rarely bike because I always ended up walking my bike up the hills (I may not be the most athletic haha). Basically the electric pedal assist has changed my life. We can get down to the beach, to the coffee shop or the bakery in a couple minutes. It's so nice to be able to run out to grab more milk quickly in the morning without having to get in the car. It's also just a lot of fun, We always make friends try it out on our street when they come over. 

There is a pedal assist (low, med or high) so you just pedal as normal and it gives you as much extra push as you need and you really start to rip, If I'm in the bike lane I'm passing the guys in their spandex on road bikes. You can also use the throttle if you don't feel like pedalling at all, which honestly I use all the time being pregnant.  

Bonus is that these bikes are so good looking, I love the brown leather with the black frame. I'm riding the Komfort+. I highly recommend an electric bike if you live more rural like us or in the city, it's such a quick way to get around, and especially practical if you're towing kids in a trailer. 

Toque - Boheme Goods, Sweater - Thrifted, Jeans - Loft Maternity