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Oh that California sun, it does my Canadian bones & heart good. It was funny to see locals walking around in turtlenecks & jeans while it was still feeling like a Vancouver summer over there. But we felt no need to fit in, we will gladly be the tourists if it means we can pull our shorts out for one last time this year. 

Over the year I have been sharing some of my favourite styles of sunglasses from IRIS. This sleek pair is one of my favourites, the Prada Cinema. I love the gold bridge & sides with the thick black frames. Black & gold is forever my go to combo. 


Twenty Seven weeks with baby boy. 

Life Lately

Yesterday evening we went drove a ways down a country road to catch the sunset. It was such a beautiful day and an insanely beautiful golden hour driving down that long road, which of course would have been better if Poppy wasn't crying because I gave her one new doggy toy and not two #ungrateful #firstworldprobs. But we parked beside a train and a field of cows so that was basically disneyland. 

Once it got too cold and too dark we got in to the car and went the through the McDonald's drive thru because we yolo like that. 

Poppy is very much turning into a 3 year old these days (her birthday is in January). I don't understand the "terrible twos" title, 2 is such a sweet and innocent age! She is still as precious as ever but man does she work us. She sulks with lots of sad puppy dog eyes & manipulates.

When I say she can watch One episode of Diego just as it's getting near the end she say's in a cute voice that it's "too scary for me" and that she wants to pick a different one instead, how convenient. If I ask her to pick up her toys or carry something for me she's "just a little girl with little hands". It takes a lot for me to not laugh at her responses, and sometime's David and I can't help but burst out laughing at the dinner table. 

Poppy is very excited for the baby boy to be born, and I think completely understands that he is growing in my tummy and will come out when he's bigger. Maybe she understands a bit too much since she has started telling people "There's a baby boy in Mummy's tummy, Daddy put it there." lol, oops. 

She has been wanting a Dora Tennis Racket since David started playing tennis this summer, so we told her when she's bigger, and the baby is born she can have one at her birthday party (The baby is due one day after Poppy's birthday). So everyday she declares "I'm getting bigger and stronger (while punching one arm into the air)! And then I'll have a Dora Tennis Racket and the baby will come out." 

Please excuse my rambling about my child, I hope that blogs are around long enough for this to be a diary of her childhood full of photos and the little things I want to remember. 

My Jacket: 

Poppy's Jacket - BodaSkins

Summer Splash with Adera

In the last couple weeks of August we teamed up with Adera’s South Ridge Club to host a Summer Splash BBQ to end off our summer right. It was perfect timing because we got to eat outside and play around by the South Ridge Club pool on a beautiful hot evening and the days after that our weather has started to look a lot more like fall.

We got ready for the BBQ prepping the food, decor, and games inside the display home for Greenway, and inside the new amenities building. It is fully loaded with a pool & patio, BBQ area, kids outdoor play area, basketball court, gym and a great indoor entertaining area. We were able to easily prepare all of our food in the kitchen and bring it right outside to the patio tables at dinner time and keep all of the prepping and boxes behind the scenes from our entertaining area outside.

One of the things I’ve learned for throwing a relaxed summer dinner party is to not try to make everything yourself (or to make things in advance). I like to be able to hangout with guests before dinner and not be stuck in the kitchen. For our spicy chicken pineapple boats we had the chicken already prepared, it’s a recipe you could easily throw in a slow cooker so that it’s ready to serve whenever you’re ready to eat. We cut the pineapples in the afternoon and all we had to do before dinner is fill the boats with chicken and serve. We left the simple kale salad undressed and put containers of dressing in each box so that they could be prepared ahead of time and not go bad before eating. 

The delicious beverages are from Vancouver’s own Postmark Brewing. They have a large lineup of beers to chose from, the Raspberry Beer was perfect for a hot summer night around the pool.

The kids adorable Mason Jar tumblers are from Mason Bar Company, always a staple in our house. We always prefer glass over plastic and they are perfect for smoothies.

Our beautiful floral arrangements were made the talented Vancouver Rogue Florist. I love the soft colours and wild flower feel she is so good at! 

The kids had so much fun playing in the pool and we had fun chasing the little ones ;)

This jumbo Jenga was made by Bespoke Decor, a Vancouver local company that does rentals for weddings, and parties. They were the perfect one stop shop for us to rent games, string lights, cake stands, and candle votives.

These beautiful Vietnamese belly baskets are from another Vancouver local company, Drifter, they are so perfectly bohemian and practical. They were the perfect decor element to hold towels & floaties for our party, I also use them around my house for blankets & toys. 

South Ridge Club is located in South Surrey, BC (our home town), within walking distance to lots of great shops & restaurants at Grandview Corners. Check out our previous post with Adera to see more about the neighborhood surrounding South Ridge club. Grandview is the next phase of townhomes coming to South Ridge Club. You can register here to stay up to date on the release coming September 24th.

Photos by Shelan Markus Photography

Baby #3


We had our 20 week ultrasound this week and got to find out the gender! We weren't surprised that it's a boy since we've already had two girls but we still can't believe it a little. I come from a family with a lot of girls and boys are very foreign haha. We're so excited!