Good Morning + Good Night

This week I went thrifting for the first time in a long time. I used to be a thrifting junkie so I was craving a bit of a fix and it turned out rather successful, my greatest score was these 2 brand new large Ikea Frames still in the plastic for $6. Our upstairs hallway has been begging for love for a while now and I have wanted to put up some nice big family photos up there but we don't really have any frame-worthy ones at the moment and I didn't feel like spending the money to get large prints done. So, I decided to just fill them with some simple posters for now. I recently discovered that at Staples you can get Engineer Prints rather than a Poster if you are just printing in black & white and they are only about $4 for these 24 X 36 prints. Since I'm always wanting different things printed for various occasions or projects this is great news for my wallet. 

Here are the printable files of these posters if you want to get them printed for yourself. Even if you don't have large frames for them they would look cute taped up with some colourful washi tape above bed stands. 

Download Good Morning Poster
Download Good Night Poster

*These files will be good quality to print any size up to 24" X 36"